The best revenge after a breakup!

In my opinion and experience, after a breakup, the best revenge is to empower yourself. After the failure of my marriage, somewhere along the way I found that I drew strength and energy from finding ways to make myself better. I found it healthier  to pour my energy into my own personal growth than investing it into my ex by crying over him and trying to figure out why and what he was doing. Some things that I started to do for me included:

Donating to my local food pantries.(It felt good to help others).

Volunteering at a community center that helps families. (Again, it felt good to help others).

I went back to school to obtain a degree in Human Resource Management. (My ultimate plan is to advance my career and earn more money).

I also started to talk to other women I met who were going through the same thing about my own story and being a source of support for them, because I knew exactly what they were feeling. It made me feel good to do this and it made them feel good to talk about their feelings.


It’s all still a work in progress as I am still on my journey and always looking for ways to empower myself but I have to say making sure to invest in myself and using that to pour into others helps to lift my self esteem and helps me to grow as a person.

What about you? I would love to hear from others about your own journey to make a comeback!

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