My Story, an introduction…

As I alluded to earlier, life threw me a few curve balls and these are curve balls I was not expecting. After 10 years of marriage I found myself suddenly separated, living alone in my condo with my two children and crying every chance I got and asking myself now what?  It was not an easy time by any means, the pain was immense, I sought support constantly from the people that I chose to confide in, again it was not easy! I was terrified of all the possibilities, I was not sure where to turn. During all that pain and uncertainty I still had to find strength. Did I say it was not easy? I had two children  ages 9 and 12 I had to be strong for and also a brave face to maintain as I went to work everyday with a smile on my face but completely dead on the inside. I was ashamed that my husband had left me (for the 2nd time, there! I said it)  and chose not to share this with anyone at work. One thing I learned about myself during that time is I am a great actress, no one knew at work what I was dealing with at home. I found myself scrambling to find my way and myself, I did not realize how lost I had become during the years of my marriage. Thanks to God and my mother for being my source of strength during that time. My mother listened to me whenever I needed to talk, it did not matter what time of day or night, what a friend! I started attending church again as I had not been to church in many years, I am so glad I did as it helped me to get stronger… I feel like I have so much to share with you all but I will stop here for a bit and give you a chance to share your stories. One thing I must say that I learned on my journey is the more you talk about your experiences, the more empowered you become.

Your turn…


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